Debt Validation Letters


Collections on a past due account often start with at letter from the original creditor or a debt collector, notifying the borrower that something is due. If you receive a demand for payment, you have a right to request validation of the alleged debt. Your request can be made verbally or in writing and can be as simple as a letter stating “I dispute the validity of this debt."


Here is an example of a Debt Validation Letter.


Debt Collections Lawsuit


The creditor or a debt collector may also file a collection lawsuit against you. In that case, you should be served with a Summons and Complaint. These documents do not look as official as you may imagine, so take a look at the sample of the Summons and Complaint to know what it looks like. If you ever receive Summons and Complaint in the mail, on your doorstep, or if someone at your home is handed a copy, come see us at CLARO and we will help you prepare an Answer.


Please keep in mind that you have to file an Answer in writing and calling the telephone number listed in the Summons and Complaint is not sufficient. You may also have more time to file the Answer than the Summons and Complaint state.


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