Self Help Forms

Affidavit To Vacate a Default Judgment in a Consumer Debt Case
If you have a judgment against you in a consumer case, the link above can help you do an Order to Show Cause to have the judgment set aside. If the judgment was entered in Buffalo City Court and you schedule the return date for the hearing on a Wednesday or Friday, a CLARO attorney can accompany you at the hearing. If you want help from CLARO in drafting the Order to Show Cause, please make an appointment to come to a session.
8th District Help Center - Forms for the Self-Represented
The link above takes you to a site that contains forms for answering a consumer complaint, and forms for waiving filing fees. If you want to consult a CLARO attorney before filing your answer, call and make an appointment or come to a session. Please note that the forms for waiving filing fees are often not necessary in City Court.